About ARROJO Product


The ARROJO product collection is performance-based, youthful and modern, and aims to give fuss-free and simple hair solutions. Using a range of organic and natural ingredients to moisturize hair, smooth the cuticle, and anti-oxidize the products are custom-blended for luxury with professional performance.


ARROJO product is functional, fashion-forward, and empowers each person to create, whether their style is contemporary, creative, vintage, classic or cool.


Below is an overview:

  • Hydrate® Shampoo

    Gently cleanse dry hair without stripping color with this sulfate-free, concentrated moisturizing shampoo for dry hair that soothes with its signature aromatherapy blend of ylang ylang, bergamot and patchouli scents.

  • Hydrate® Condition

    Sulfate free, this concentrated, moisturizing conditioner deeply quenches dry hair without stripping hair of its natural oils, and soothes with its signature aromatherapy blend of Peppermint and Corn Mint essential oils.

  • ReHab Shampoo

    Vitamin E works with healing natural oils to provide perfect moisture balance. Chamomile and sunflower seeds rehabilitate the hair without weight or build up. Bark and flower extracts add glossy shine. Scented with ripened raspberry.

  • Submerge Conditioner

    Botanicals and safflower seed oil work together to soften and moisturize waves and curls. Olive oil creates supple bounce and spring. Sweet almond and sunflower protects the cuticle and adds sheen. Scented with dewy greens.

  • Rogue Co-Cleanse

    Lather-free cleansing conditioner to remove build-up without drying or stripping natural oils. Vitamin E and kelp improve hair texture and promote healthy waves and curls. Witch Hazel and lemon balm lock in moisture. Leaf and fruit extracts keeps the hair looking and feeling clean and refreshed. Scented with lemon zest.

  • Hypnotic Curl Calmer

    Shea Butter and leaf juice provide moisture. Macadamia and Babassu oils nourish waves and curls keeping them calm and frizz-free. Argan oil and vitamin E create beautiful texture and increase sheen. Scented with jasmine.

  • Elixir Defrizzing Gel

    Special gelled-oil formula uses ginseng to smooth dry, frizzy hair. Proteins and lipids create softness and shine without feeling greasy. Reduces split ends and breakage while unifying texture. Great for defining waves and curls. Scented with rose petals.

  • Glint Texture & Shine Spray

    Exotic fruit and flower extracts combine to create sun-kissed shine. Chamomile and vitamin E enhance natural texture, fashioning tousled and touchable waves and curls. Vitamin E locks-in moisture for luscious shapes and styles. Scented with orange blossom.

  • ultra violet shampoo - NEW RELEASE!

    Vitamin E infused refreshing cleanser. Eliminates brassy or yellow tones on blonde or gray hair. Helps protects all colors from fading. Repairs, fights frizz, adds shine and luster. Fragranced with a floral bouquet, like the first day of spring.

  • SHINE LUXE shampoo

    Sulfate and paraben free. Creates shine and restores softness and manageability, with macadamia and grape seed oil. Lightly scented with black orchid. Directions: Massage into wet hair and scalp. Rinse thoroughly.

  • color save shampoo

    Vitamin B5 preserves color-treated hair. Gentle, leaving hair shiny and smooth. Scented with warm, floral linden-blossom. Directions: Wet hair, lather in palms, apply at roots, massaging through to ends and rinse.

  • ReNEW CoWash

    Purifying, non-foaming cleansing conditioner with no harsh sulfates, detergents, or silicones. Weightlessly cleans, softens, conditions. Creates incredible shine. Replenishes dry, damaged, dehydrated hair. A co-wash for all hair types. Great for color-treated hair.

  • gentle shampoo

    Sulfate and sodium-chloride free. Repairs and nourishes, with natural and organic ingredients. Lightly scented with fresh verbena.

  • daily shampoo

    Our anti-oxidizing vitamin rich cleanser is lightly scented with organic rhubarb extracts. Keeps hair clean, balanced and refreshed. Gentle enough for daily use without the build-up of harsh irritants or residue.

  • curl hydration shampoo

    Sulfate and paraben free. Calms frizz, fights humidity, detangles. Encourages waves and curls. Adds moisture, softness and smoothness. Lightly scented with Bergamot, Anjou Pear, Fig Leaf, and Sandalwood.

  • moisturizing shampoo

    A luxurious, vitamin-packed, deep cleanser with soothing scents of berry. Gently cleanses, hydrates and repairs color-treated, over-processed, dry, or damaged hair. Adds strength and vitality, fullness, body, and sheen.

  • ultra violet conditioner - NEW RELEASE!

    Rich in hydrolyzed keratin, this highly moisturizing conditioner eliminates brassy or yellow tones on blonde or gray hair. Softens the hair, improves manageability, restores natural sheen, keeps all colors vivid and bright. Fragranced with a floral bouquet.

  • hair repair treatment - NEW RELEASE!

    This protein-rich conditioning treatment repairs & strengthens, leaving the hair soft, shiny and lustrous. Protects against breakage & color loss. Stimulates scalp, promoting healthy follicles. Scented with floral linden-blossom.

  • SHINE LUXE conditioner

    Sulfate and paraben free. Generously restores hair’s luster and luminescence. Quenches dryness and adds vitality, with cocoa butter and keratin. Lightly scented with black orchid.

  • curl hydration conditioner

    Sulfate and paraben free. Controls frizz, defeats humidity. Adds strength and elasticity, putting spring into textures. Quenches thirsty hair. Lightly scented with Bergamot, Anjou Pear, Fig Leaf, and Sandalwood.

  • color save conditioner

    Vitamin-charged to lock vibrancy into color-treated hair, add moisture, soothe and detangle. Scented with linden-blossom to calm and relax. Directions: Rub conditioner into palms, work through clean wet hair and rinse.

  • gentle conditioner

    Sulfate and sodium-chloride free. Adds luster, shine, and moisture, with natural and organic ingredients. Lightly scented with fresh verbena. Directions: Rub into palms, work through clean, wet hair and rinse.

  • daily conditioner

    Enriched vitamin B5 conditioning crème with organic rhubarb extracts. Highly versatile, you can rinse-it-out, or leave-it-in to create natural smoothness, as you would with a light-hold styling product. Weightless leaving hair silky smooth, light, and detangled. Directions: Rub into palms, work through clean, wet hair and rinse. Or leave it in to condition and style all day.

  • whipped treatment

    Long-lasting, color-saving, treatment conditioner that preserves shine, luster, and the tone of applied hair colors. Using a medley of rejuvenating natural ingredients, it is exceedingly kind to hair, making it softer, stronger, thicker, fuller. Great for needy hair types, and those that like a weekly treat.

  • hair repair masque

    Protein packed, deep conditioning repair treatment. Adds luster, shine and softness. Directions: Shampoo, rinse, and apply masque to damp hair. Leave for ten minutes and rinse out. Use weekly on dehydrated hair or as an occasional treat for all hair types.

  • moisturizing conditioner

    High-hydration conditioning crème with health-giving vitamin B5. The rich moisturizing formula revives and invigorates the neediest of hair. Delicately scented with organic berry musk. Directions: Leave in clean, wet hair for 2-3 minutes, now use a wide-tooth-comb to comb through, and rinse.

  • clay - NEW RELEASE!

    Has the power to shape hair into any style. Creates strong hold with surprising slip and a cool matte finish. Adds density, creating thicker-looking shapes and styles.

  • fiber - NEW RELEASE!

    Pliable fibrous paste creates bulk, texture, and hold with a natural finish. Gives style memory and is great for restyling looks when you’re on the road.

  • wave mist

    A light mist for easy, tousled beach waves. Reactivates curl, encourages playful body and texture.

  • styling whip

    Made with nutritious argan oil. Provides lightweight conditioning, creates volume and hold, softness and shine. Directions: A versatile styler perfect for straight, wavy or curly. Apply from roots to ends of damp hair, blow-dry or finger-style into your desired look.

  • defrizz serum

    A soft, silky, and calming no hold product. Eliminates frizz, controls fly-aways, and eases excess volume.

  • protective thickening lotion

    Thickens the hair shaft. Protects from blow-drying and heat-tool styling. Guards against breakage. With light styling hold and shine. Directions: Liberally spray into damp hair before styling with blow-dryers or hot-irons. Can be combined with any ARROJO styling product.

  • curl enhancer

    Supports soft, fine curls. Refines, boosts, creates shapely spring. Directions: Apply to damp hair; comb through. Gently cup and squeeze curls from tip to root. Repeat intermittently until hair is dry, and curls are perfectly formed. Alternatively, blow-dry with a diffuser.

  • curl control

    For unruly curls. Creates a natural curl formation with control, polish, and sheen. Directions: Apply to damp hair; comb through. Gently cup and squeeze curs from tip to root. Repeat intermittently until hair is dry, and curls are perfectly formed. Alternatively, blow-dry with a diffuser.

  • styling crème

    Volume building base to support, slick, set, and hold. Bathes hair in luxurious moisture, making locks soft-to-the-touch. Directions: Work from roots to ends of damp hair to set and style. Or blow-dry in for extra fullness.

  • hair crème

    Supremely gentle and light to smooth and polish your look. Versatile too, hair crème creates smoothness when you blow-dry in, or simply run through damp hair for a soft and sexy slept-in look. Directions: Run a liberal amount through damp hair to create the slept-in look, or blow-dry in for ultimate smooth control.

  • texture paste

    Supple mid-hold paste that’s perfect for short and messy styles. Texture and separation with a smooth matte finish. Recommended for that just-rolled-out-of-bed look. Directions: Work evenly through damp or dry hair from the underneath, up and into the ends of your hair shaft. Now finger-style to create the piece-y-ness that will define your loose and messy textures.

  • hair gel

    Non-sticky, firm hold gel with pliability and no flakes. Great for sleeking and shaping, sculpting and controlling all styles, textures, and lengths of hair. Directions: For maximum hold and control, rub a dime-sized dab into palms, work through damp hair and blow-dry to finish. For a more slicked look, push through damp hair and allow to air dry. Great for setting hair.

  • frizz control

    Moisture-rich and anti-oxidizing to leave all curly hair frizz and tangle free. Adds smoothness, control, and shine to all hair types. Directions: Work through damp hair to control all hair types, especially frizzy and curly textures. Or apply before you blow-dry for a sleek and soft finish.

  • curl definer

    Fights humidity, holds firm. Adds strength and structure to all curl types, especially really curly hair. Directions: Apply to damp hair; comb. As hair dries, gently cup and squeeze curls individually. Repeat periodically until hair is dry, and curls are perfectly formed.

  • SHINE LUXE oil

    Deluxe styler made with opulent oils that fight frizz, add control and luster. Protects from heat -styling. Works with all hair textures. Gives striking smoothness, dramatic shine. Makes hair sparkle. Directions: Work oil from mid-lengths to ends. Blowdry then flat-iron for silky styles. Use with curling tools to polish waves and curls. Apply and air dry for natural texture with flashes of light.

  • healing oil

    Restorative Glossing Aerosol Spray Filled with precious oils. No silicones, parabens, or sulfates. Nourishes damaged hair, speeds up blow-dries. Adds body and sultry texture to straighter strands; boosts shape and form of waves and curls. Contains sunscreen for hair protection. Directions: Spray into wet or dry hair. Scrunch and tousle to promote natural texture. Blowdry for smooth and silky styles.

  • defining cream

    Adds texture, increases definition. With light to medium hold, Defining Cream is the perfect product for women and men who like to add soft control, matte definition, body and texture to their look. Flake free and supple, not stiff, it's great for anyone that wants to put visible sharpness into their style. Directions: Emulsify in palms. Work through damp or dry hair. Create your favorite shapes and styles.

  • cream whip

    Makes hair easy to brush, comb, and style. Enhances waves and soft movement without adding hold. Primes hair for styling. Sulfate and sodium-chloride free. Directions: Apply to damp, hair. comb through to polish and prime. Great for enhancing, natural texture, and for prepping hair for successful styling.

  • volume foam

    Lightweight and volumizing to lift, thicken, and support all hair types, and especially limp or lifeless hair. A great foundation product when styling long hair. Directions: Rub into palms, work from root to tip through damp hair and blow-dry to finish. The more you use, the more you volumize.

  • pomade

    For definition, soft hold, high shine. Directions: Finger-style into dry hair. Use to create lived-in textures, reduce volume or frizz. Rinses out effortlessly.

  • hydro mist

    Hydrating lotion for hair. Smoothes tangles, softens cuticles, conditions hair.

  • set & style spray

    For setting hair with body, shine, and supple hold. Directions: Spray evenly onto damp hair. Work through from roots to ends.Use with blow dryers or hot tools to set and style.

  • cream wax

    Creates contrast, movement, and separation. Directions: Rub into palms. Work through hair. Tousle into not so perfect shape.

  • ReFRESH dry conditioner

    A weightless conditioning spray for impossibly soft and silky hair, ARROJO's ReFRESH dry conditioner fights frizz, static and flyaways. It also restores fullness, moisture and shine.

  • ReFINISH dry shampoo

    Infused with aloe vera and ginger, ARROJO’s ReFINISH dry shampoo cleans hair without water by absorbing excess oils. Creates texture and volume while protecting hair from damage caused by daily cleansing. A miracle style rescue that leaves hair feeling thick and manageable.

  • PrIMP working spray

    With light, pliable hold, working spray is for primping and coiffing different shapes and styles. Amazingly responsive to heat-tool styling. Creates grip, adds detail.

  • fierce firm hold hairspray

    A modern aerosol you can apply and reapply. Anchors ponytails and chignons, buns and twists with firm hold and glossy shine. Adds bombshell hold to blow-outs. Protects from humidity, fortifies strands, and the fine mist fixes styles in place without stickiness.

  • shine spray

    A lightweight mist to finish styles with gloss and shine. Adds moisture, strengthens fine or fragile hair. Great for calming flyaways.

  • holding spray

    A non-aerosol mist to build volume, add shine, and hold styles in place. Creates structure, defeats wilting. Great for updos. Brushes out effortlessly. No flakes, no stiffness.

  • ARROJO Turbopower 3800 Hairdryer

    This signature dryer features professional power, yet remains lightweight and easy to handle. It’s perfect for at-home use. With two speeds, four temperature setting, and a cold air microswitch, it’s great for customizing heat and airflow. It comes with a three meter long cable, two unbreakable nozzles, and a built-in silencer. Most valuably of all, it is ionic and ceramic. Ions make hair shinier, smoother, softer, easier to shape, style, and control. The ceramic heater creates a reliable, even heat that never gets to hot.

  • ARROJO IZUNAMI AP-450 Smoothing Iron

    A pioneering hot-tool perfect for sleek, straight looks, poised and polished styles the AP-450 Smoothing Iron features independent temperature control, extra wide and long plates for effortless gliding and efficient straightening, a cool-tip for two-hand maneuvering, and ionic and ceramic technology to reduce friction and frizz.

  • ARROJO 1`` Curling Wand

    Our new, easy-to-use curling wand is an evolution in client-friendly hot-tools. Being a clipless ‘wand’ rather than a clip-on iron, it’s easier to maneuver, easier to be creative, easier to put natural-looking waves and curls into modern shapes and styles. A signature curling wand that blends evolutionary technology with the modern and creative design aesthetic of ARROJO.

American Wave:
A six piece product line, sets the new gold standard in care & styling for textured hair. American Wave is a hyper-luxe, prestige product collection especially made for all types of heavenly waves and curls.


In alignment with Nick’s desire to make hairstyling personalized, creative and fun there is a shampoo for every hair type. Daily Shampoo provides softness and shine for fine and medium hair, while the Moisturizing Shampoo uses Coconut Oil to give dry or thick hair a rich, silky feel. Color Save Shampoo preserves color and shine, and the Gentle formula is sulfate and sodium chloride free, using honey and agave for sensitive scalps. SHINE LUXE is a luxurious, high-performance, sulfate and sodium-chloride free regimen for today’s discerning clientele.


Each shampoo in the ARROJO line has a partnered conditioner. Combined use gives the hair optimal moisture and increased strength. The conditioning line also features a Hair Repair Masque and a Whipped Treatment Conditioner. Using Keratin, Shea Butter and, Olive Oil and other beautifying ingredients, they offer intensive replenishment from root to tip.


Carefully edited not to overwhelm, made to be versatile, with cocktailing potential, multi-functional uses, features and benefits ARROJO styling products shine, boost, shape, mold, hold lift, piece, polish, separate, smooth, silken, and control.


Featuring a non-aerosol holding spray, PrIMP working spray and ARROJO’s most popular product,
ReFINISH dry shampoo, a miracle style rescue texturizing spray, the finishing products allow for a range of creative, finishing effects.