Cream Whip is one of our favorites. It’s especially helpful in winter. Vitamin E helps to add moisture, fight static and frizz, while the lightweight ‘Whip’ smoothly polishes and primes hair for successful styling.
Cream Whip Winter Season Styling Tips
Morning Prep: With no hold, but conditioning and moisturizing benefits, one of the best things about Cream Whip is how it detangles and primes hair for successful styling. When hair wakes up feeling frigid, brittle and dry apply three generous pumps to damp hair and comb through with the wide-teeth of a comb, freeing tangles, and making strands silky smooth. Layer in other styling products to create your favorite effects, like volume or hold, shine or texture.
Afternoon Delight: When on-the-go in winter, it’s best to be bundled up in a hat and scarf. The trouble with that is style-squashing hat hair. Cream Whip is a great fix for this problem, and for anytime the hair gets beat up by the elements. Lightly dampen hair, apply generously from roots to ends, scrunch, tousle, and/or quickly blowdry with a paddle brush to loosen and soften the natural texture, reinvigorating your style.
Nighttime BlowOut: The winter season brings Holiday occasions, which means you need at least one breathtaking blowout in your locker. One tasty Cream Whip cocktail pairs the product with Volume Foam. To try, mix generous helpings of the products together in palms and apply to the hair, roots to ends and blowdry with a boar bristle round brush (the best brush for body and shine). You’ll get the extra fullness and hold of volume foam, with the extra shine and softness and luster of Whip –– an uplifting, beautifying combination!