aw_spalsh Introducing the American Wave

For volume, texture, curls, and beach waves ARROJO American Wave is a quantum leap. It is a way to create soft, natural-looking waves and curl patterns for today’s style-conscious clients.


Using an innovative, ionic waving lotion the product penetrates the hair shaft gently, without roughing the cuticle or making it swell, which is what old-fashioned perms used to do. The ionic lotion reduces stress on tresses, creates a smoother cuticle, and makes hair fabulous and full. Instead of setting hair with hard tools, we combine soft tools with editorial techniques, so looks are fashion-forward, not frumpy.


With American Wave we can offer the permanent creation of wave and curl, volume and fullness; we can make hair more or less wavy or curly; we can use it to control frizz, add texture, movement or volume. It’s long-lasting, with loose waves only needing a redo every three months. And instead of chemical perms, it smells of eucalyptus.


Here are the salon service options:

The Beach Wave: Marries straight and wavy textures to create sexy, tousled beach waves that are the zeitgeist of fashion and style.



Style and Support: Adds volume to limp hair. Great for putting oomph into blow-dries and hot-tool styling for bouncy and voluptuous looks.



Expanded Waves & Curl Patterns: For resilient and dynamic curl patterns that are fabulous and full. Great for clients who want texture expansion.



American Color Wave is Here!: Using ionic technology and a natural waving system our new Color Wave features a new collection of editorial setting techniques and makes bombshell waves compatible with bombshell blonde, and other dynamic hair color services.