Whipped Treatment Key Benefits
  • Uses an appetizing combination of olive oil, shea butter, and keratin.
  • No sulfates or parabens make it great for anyone with applied hair color.
  • Another key ingredient is camellia sinesis leaf extract (green tea). A strengthening anti-oxidant it thickens the hair shaft, which makes Whipped Treatment perfect for those with fine or limp strands.
  • Whipped Treatment has a unique applicator nozzle that compresses the conditioner into a whipped texture, which makes it easier for you to work it effectively through hair.
  • Whipped Treatment features a sumptuous and soothing linden-blossom fragrance. The product works best if you leave it in the hair for 5 minutes or so. This gives you an excuse to make Whipped Treatment an indulgent addition to a nice deep bath. Give it a try, the scent will help to wash away your day!

Afternoon Delight: When on-the-go in winter, it’s best to be bundled up in a hat and scarf. The trouble with that is style-squashing hat hair. Cream Whip is a great fix for this problem, and for anytime the hair gets beat up by the elements. Lightly dampen hair, apply generously from roots to ends, scrunch, tousle, and/or quickly blowdry with a paddle brush to loosen and soften the natural texture, reinvigorating your style.
Nighttime BlowOut: The winter season brings Holiday occasions, which means you need at least one breathtaking blowout in your locker. One tasty Cream Whip cocktail pairs the product with Volume Foam. To try, mix generous helpings of the products together in palms and apply to the hair, roots to ends and blowdry with a boar bristle round brush (the best brush for body and shine). You’ll get the extra fullness and hold of volume foam, with the extra shine and softness and luster of Whip –– an uplifting, beautifying combination!