ARROJO’s newest and fiercest product has the glamour and playfulness to synthesize your wet-look texture, tousled curls, and voluptuous volume with contemporary styles


“Fierce” is a new Firm Hold Hairspray you can apply and reapply. Adding a modern aerosol hairspray to our collection of award-winning products, it is designed to anchor ponytails and chignons, buns and twists with firm hold and glossy shine. It also adds bombshell hold to blow-outs, protects from humidity, strengthens strands, and fixes styles in place with softness, not buildup or stickiness.


Fierce Firm Hold Hairspray Key Ingredients 


Panthenol: Moisturizes and conditions the hair.
Copolymers: Provides firm hold.
Trimethicone: Silicone to give softness and shine while eradicating stickiness and flaking.


Scented with Guava & Lily, Fierce is as light and as refreshing as a gentle sea breeze. (The throat-closing odors of the hairsprays of the eighties have been consigned to Room 101.)


To apply, spray into dry, finished styles in short even bursts from about 10 inches away. Reapply as required.


“Fierce is perfectly timed for the surge in eighties inspiration we’re seeing in the salon and on the street,” says Nick Arrojo, owner and founder of ARROJO. “It’s helping us modernize those iconic styles with natural texture and softer, more touchable finishes –– but still with all that glamorous gloss and shine.”